Círculo de Influencia

Mi familia me anima seguir mi corazón y mis sueños. Ellos creen en mi. Mi hermana es la persona de más influencia en mi vida.

Mis amigos me dan júbilo cuando tengo estrés de escuela. Yo tengo muchos amigos en banda. Pero, mi mejor amigo es Eli. Eli tiene mucha influencia en mi vida. Nosotros vamos a las mismas clases, participamos en las mismas actividades, y tocamos el mismo instrumento. Yo voy a extrañar cuando nos graduamos.

Costa Rica

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There are many interesting things to do in Costa Rica that I included on my board. But before I go there, I need to know what to pack. I have included a packing list in my board.  Also in my pins, I have included a 2 week itinerary that focuses on touring the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica. While touring the landscape, many different animals can be encountered, which are included in my board. It also contains other useful information like cell phone usage and budgeting tips.

Martes el trece #1

1.¿Adónde fue él cuando se rompió el brazo?

He went to the hospital when he broke his arm.

él fue al hospital cuándo el rompió su brazo.

2.¿Por qué llegó tarde él a la escuela?

He arrived late because he missed (perder) the bus.

él llego tarde porque él perdidió el autobus.

3.¿Por qué pensó él que el miércoles sea(would be) mejor día?

Because his friend gave him good news about his wallet.

Porque su amigo dio él bueno noticias sobre su billetera

4.¿Por qué recibió una detención en la clase de ciencias?

He received a detention because he talked too much(demasiado) in science class.

él recibió una detención porque él habló demasiado en la clase de ciencia

5.¿Qué comió él para el almuerzo?

He didn’t eat nothing for lunch.  (remember, in Spanish, you want to answer with a double negative here)

él no comió nada para almuerzo.

News Story 2

In order for students to have access to Wi-Fi on long bus rides, an anonymous business donated $25,000 to equip school buses with Wi-Fi beginning March 1.

“Giving free Wi-Fi to our students will enable them to do research, read the news or even watch educational videos each day,” Putman said. “Students cannot access any games unless they are educationally-sound, and they can’t access social sites or other sites unsuitable for young adults.”

In November, the local newspaper ran a story about Putman’s proposal to install Wi-Fi on each school bus. The router for each bus will cost $200, and the monthly service fee for each bus is $60. The donation will supply each of the 10 buses with Wi-Fi for 3 years.

“My bus ride is about 45 minutes each way,” Junior Mariah Nunes said. “Most of the time I talk with my friends or try to read a book. With wireless Internet, I will be able to do much more.”

Eighty-five percent of students rely on the school for transportation. The students will be able to utilize this new installment to do extra credit assignments. Productivity will increase on the school bus commutes, according to Nunes.

“This will make life easier for some of my students,” social studies teacher Matt Fedeor said. “My seniors in government are required to read newspaper articles dealing with political issues, and they must comment on the articles on our class blog twice a week.”

Soon, teachers will not have to worry about assigning web-based homework, since students will be able to complete these assignments on the bus, according to Principal Jeanette Rother.

“It’s not a bad idea. I just wish I had a laptop” Sophomore Jerod Reyes said. “Maybe the school can find a way to get sophomores a computer a few days a week. It sure would help me with my homework load.”

All Juniors and Seniors receive a laptop for the school year. Putman is now working to bring in more grants so every high school student can obtain a laptop as well.

“The students are lucky to have a superintendent like Dr. Putman,” Rother said. “She is always looking for new initiatives to increase opportunities for students. We may be a little, rural town West Texas, but we have big city technology.”

News Story 1

To decide whether to override the Principal decision on Junior Jim Stack’s hair, the School Board votes on Monday at 7pm. Due to a collar length dress code, Principal Tonya King denied Stack’s request to grow out his hair out for charity.

“Had I approved Jim’s request, then I would have students everyday asking if they could break the dress code,” King said. “There are other ways Jim can help the Locks of Love group. I would be more than willing to help with a fundraiser”.

Stack’s five year old sister lost all of her hair during chemotherapy last year. Stack’s family could not afford a wig, until they contacted Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a donation reliant, non-profit organization that donates wigs to families that cannot afford them.

“Donating my hair to Locks of Love is very special to me,” Stack said. “When we received my sisters wig [from locks of love], she was so happy. I had not seen a smile on her face in a long time.”

Every month about 200 families contact Locks of Love, and every month they turn down about 150 families, because the lack of hair donations.

“I was moved by Jim’s passion to donate his hair,” Gisel Roco, president of Locks of Love said. “We desperately need human hair for our wigs.”

The student council wrote a letter to the school board on behalf of Stack. The letter was signed by 350 students. The student council attached to the letter a list of 150 students who also wanted to grow out their hair. 78 of the 150 were males.

“[Jim] was so upset last year when his sister was diagnosed with cancer,” student council president, Gilbert Castillo said. “He told me he felt helpless throughout the whole ordeal.”

Two months ago, Stack’s sister, Jasmine Stack received a clean bill of health.

“He is a very giving young man”,  Stack’s mother, Holly Stack said. “I don’t know how many teenagers today would put so much time and effort into helping someone else.”


Primero, Yo me despierto a las seis y treinta de la mañana. Luego, Yo me levanto a las seis y cuarenta y cinco. Entonces, Yo me cepillo los dientes, me lavo la cara, y finalmente me visto. Voy a la escuela a las siete y cinco.

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